About Us

WarriorsWorking is the latest innovative staffing and talent management solution from Smart Work | Network, Inc., a woman-owned talent consulting firm that developed and has been refining the Science of Selection for more than 17 years.

Many companies and recruiters proclaim a passion for supporting Veterans, but WarriorsWorking tackles this challenge with a unique combination of proven professionalism and predictive analytics.

WW Hiring Vets IllustrationAs a boutique contingency staffing firm, we commit to you—and to our applicants—that an experienced human being (not a ‘bot!) reads every résumé and proactively searches our extensive database of employable Veterans to present to you only those candidates objectively predicted to be the best possible fit for your job role, your culture, and for the candidate. It’s not a win for us unless it’s a win for both of you.

WarriorsWorking partners with Veteran-serving organizations around the USA to help Veterans successfully navigate the transition from serving our country in the military to serving American industry as high-performing civilian workers.