Fact:      Of the 100% of companies who profess that they want to hire Veterans, only 13% have actually done so.

Fact:      One of the top reasons why companies are not hiring Veterans is that in the traditional screening process used by many companies, 99% of Veterans cannot get through the “knock-out” section of applicant tracking systems (ATS).  This leaves companies without filling critical jobs, and Veterans very frustrated, when they can’t be considered for these jobs.

WW split-manWhat services does WarriorsWorking provide?  Contingency search recruiting services for employers specifically targeting to source Veteran candidates. Using our large database of locally “vetted” former US military personnel, we match the top candidates to your jobs based on your search and selection criteria. In addition to the traditional screening process most companies and recruiters use, we use a proprietary technology sophisticated enough to statistically predict a Veteran for potential success in your job with extremely high statistical reliability.  All of this for a flat fee that is about half the cost of fees that most employers are paying for recruiting and staffing.

Why use WarriorsWorking when I have my own recruiters? Even if you are presently sourcing and selecting candidates internally, the quality and quantity of the candidates WarriorsWorking provides will save you time and money by providing you with Veterans that have a high statistical probability for successful performance and retention (to your company and jobs) because of our proprietary technology.

What is the proprietary technology?  Along with the one-on-one career management planning and coaching we provide to each Veteran to identify their ideal functional career, we use statistically-based personality measurement instruments that, over the past 35 years, have been validated by more than 3,500 global companies, with over 20 million individuals assessed to pinpoint the highest probability profile that superior performers possess, in more than 120 job types. We have been using this technology with our clients for more than 12 years to help identify and select their top performers.

What’s my risk with WarriorsWorking?  Other than the fact that you might not know us by the WorkingWarriors name (we’ve been doing business as Smart Work Network, Inc. for almost 20 years, http://www.smartworknetwork.com), there is no risk. You pay nothing until the Veteran is hired and on the job.  When he or she starts working for you, you get a 90-day guarantee for that Veteran.  If for some reason the new employee leaves in less than 90 days (highly unlikely due to our up-front work), WarriorsWorking will replace him or her with another Veteran candidate who is also matched.

WW b536d5f26857361f93a2ac015d073ed3How does WarriorsWorking create the “match?” When your company decides to work with us, we will sit down with your key contact to design your agreement, identifying  the job(s) we will be filling and the hiring manager(s) for the job(s). Once we have this information, you’ll receive a Client Services Agreement that spells out our obligations to each other (for the attorneys) for your authorization and signature. One of our recruiters then schedules a meeting with a hiring manager to complete an intake form of specifications for the ideal incumbent to the job. This represents the front end of our proprietary technology, because it is like “a job description on steroids” (to quote one of our clients). As we learned long ago, if you want quality, you have to define it on the front end so that you can recognize it when you see it. The intake form defines the qualities, specifications, measures, criteria and any other dimensions, aptitudes or attitudes required for successful performance in your job. This becomes our scorecard for measuring all future candidates for this job.  Only the closest matching candidates are ever presented to you for your interview.

Why can’t I just hire Veterans without paying for all the fancy stuff you offer? Well, the simple answer is you CAN, but not through WarriorsWorking. What we offer is a guaranteed, proven process based on technology that is worth far more than we are charging (as testified to by many of our clients). By hiring Veterans vetted through our unique and proprietary processes you are assured of hiring top performing employees (matched to the best you currently have or higher) who also happen to be Veterans. The reason we started WarriorsWorking is precisely because we have found that no one knows how to hire employees as well as we do and certainly not Veterans, who often have no idea what they should be doing in their next mission out of the service.

Where does WarriorsWorking find the Veteran talent pool?  We work with your local veteran-serving organizations to identify those Veterans who are employment ready and seeking careers in the area.  Our hands-on process includes discovery of their proven history of discipline, leadership, and high performance, along with our reliable analytics, to hone in on a candidate’s predicted potential for success in your specific roles at no cost to the Veteran.  As these Veterans are hired, we return a portion of proceeds to the non-profit organization to help even more local Veterans in their transition.  We are presently working in exclusive relationships with a few VSO’s and are expanding monthly. Veterans who wish to be in the program must do so through one of these VSO’s.  A list of current relationships is on the About Us page.

What’s the cost? Most Contingency Search firms charge between 20-30% of a candidate’s first year salary.  Because of our desire to provide employers with as many statistically-matching Veteran candidates for your job roles as possible, and as many Veterans as possible their right career opportunities, we built a low-cost, variable flat-fee model, representing 7-14% of the first year salaries based on ranges for your job(s).  If you have high volume jobs (Call Center Agents, Hospitality Guest Services, etc.) for which you would like us to actively seek qualified Veterans, then we offer Volume Discounts. The discount varies, and we are happy to quote that after a brief conversation with you.

How do I get started? Visit http://www.warriorsworking.com, fill out and submit a Contact Request and we’ll talk right away.  Or call us at 850-542-0008. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see higher performance and success for your enterprise. Don’t wait any longer!


WarriorsWorking works for YOU, the business!  Our Veterans just happen to be who we Source!