Would your company benefit from hiring top talent at bottom dollar?

Part of the WarriorsWorking mission is to help you recruit and retain top performers with minimal cost and almost no risk. And hiring Veterans who are predicted to be a natural fit to your industry and job role just makes good business sense.

You can hire this top talent for a flat fee that is well below the typical costs you’ve incurred in the past for sourcing, screening, recruiting, and selection, whether you handle these in-house or through traditional agencies. You’ll find that our flat fee-per-hire approach (based on salary range) is quite rare.

Even more rare is our commitment that if you determine in the first 90 days that the Veteran you’ve hired is not meeting your expectations, WarriorsWorking will continue the search.

That’s what we mean by minimal cost and almost no risk.


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You’ve undoubtedly been told many persuasive reasons for bringing Veterans into your organization. There’s a tax incentive. It’s “the right thing to do.” But here’s the most important one: it’s just good business to hire Veterans who are predicted to be a natural fit to your industry and job role.

Their years in the military have honed Veterans’ critical “can do” strengths in key areas that are valuable to every industry, including yours; competencies such as leadership, organization, and communication.

Veterans’ transferable skills certainly don’t stop there. They each have training and experience in industry-specific hard skills in areas such as technology, healthcare and logistics, to name just a few.

Even more importantly, military men and women have a solid “will do” track record. During their years in the service, they have developed enormous discipline, maturity, resilience, and tenacity.


You can trust that the Veterans you connect with through WarriorsWorking are:

  • Ready and eager to work
  • Objectively, statistically predicted to be high performers in your job role and industry
  • Disciplined, resilient, and prepared to deliver value for you and your customers