How It Works

You can rely on WarriorsWorking to maximize the power of Big Data and predictive analytics in filling your open positions and building your team with Veterans who not only become high performers in short order, but who also engage fully with your mission and stick around for the long haul.

Instead of depending solely on résumés, “gut” feeling, and dumb luck to decide which applicants to present to you, WarriorsWorking uses a proven multi-factor Science of Selection model and process. You won’t invest your valuable time in meeting any candidate that WarriorsWorking hasn’t fully vetted and targeted as being a strong potential winner for you and your organization at no cost to the Veterans.

The centerpiece of the Science of Selection process is CareerChoiceGPS™.

GPS iconCareerChoiceGPS™ assesses the hard-wired personality traits that have been statistically validated to actually predict high performance in dozens of job roles through 35 years of research on more than 20 million individuals in more than 3,500 companies around the world and across industries. We truly have the Big Data needed for extreme statistical reliability, significance, and predictive power. No assessments predict job fit better than ours!

Of course, even the best assessment should not be the only piece of your selection pie—you still need experienced recruiting professionals to evaluate applicants’ Effort Fit, based on résumés and screening interviews. And final selection always comes down to that hard-to-define Culture Fit, which can be determined only by your hiring managers.

At WarriorsWorking, an experienced placement professional reads every résumé and proactively searches our extensive database of employable Veterans to present to you only candidates objectively predicted as the best possible fit for your job role, your culture, and for the candidate.