WW Veterans Workplace


WarriorsWorking and Your6 USA have entered into a partnership to provide Veterans with the robust online tools to better present their remarkable experience and potential to companies where they would like to work.

Benefits to Veterans and Employers, alike, include:

* Through Your6’s unique, one-of-a-kind technology and our CareerChoiceGPS career assessment, Veterans can now target their most promising civilian careers and translate their military experiences, awards, training and M.O.S. into the language used by their most promising civilian employers.

* This proprietary technology is easy to use (by the Veterans) and easy to interpret (by employers) to assure both parties experience the ideal talent placement based on the candidate’s combination of training, experience, business interest and scientific potential.

* Talent hungry employers can quickly search for their ideal Veterans knowing that the WarriorsWorking database will highlight those demonstrated competencies (knowledge, skills and experience) as well as their interests and inherent potential for careers in their businesses.

* Using the Your6 USA technology, transitioning Veterans can easily identify their preferred civilian mission based on their inherent personalities and prepare a profile (some say resume on steroids) that will illustrate their experience, qualifications and potential fit to the needs of “hungry” employers.

* When Veterans apply to a WarriorsWorking job posting they have the opportunity to access our collaborative technology to identify and target their best career opportunities.

* When Employers subscribe to and access the WarriorsWorking and Your6 USA Veteran talent databases they save themselves thousands of talent sourcing and searching dollars while increasing potential for selecting Veteran talent for higher performance and lower turnover.