WW boots to suits.2The Veterans who engage with WarriorsWorking as part of their career search reap a variety of benefits from the relationship at no cost to them. Veterans elect to participate in the program.  They are NOT automatically enrolled by the local area Veteran Serving Organization.   If you are a Veteran who is interested in employment in the local area and would like to participate in this program, please see the list of current VSO’s working with us and contact your closest one.

  • CareerChoiceGPS™ guides the WarriorsWorking Vet-to-job matching process by predicting career success in more than 60 career families using an easy-to-use rating scale. In our experience, Veterans are usually amazed to learn that they have vast potential for success in job roles they’ve never been exposed to or considered before.
  • WarriorsWorking placement professionals work with each participating Veteran to investigate their CareerChoiceGPS results, probe their interests, next mission expectations, and aspirations, juxtaposed against their natural strengths and predicted potential in various careers. We know from experience that the clearer the vision of what career success looks like, the greater the probability of making the perfect placement.
  • Prior to applying and interviewing for jobs, Veterans working through the WarriorsWorking process will work with a WarriorsWorking representative who will provide guidance, tips and suggestions for getting the most from their self-analysis as well as techniques to effectively market themselves and their strengths. Hiring managers and Civilian employers who typically struggle to understand the “Military Occupational Specialty” jargon on résumés, and seemingly terse “Yes sir, No sir” interview responses, find candidates steeped in the WarriorsWorking process refreshingly able to speak the language of American industry.
  • Ordinary employers tend to look for candidates who have already done the exact role they are trying to fill, instead of hiring for inherent traits and training for hard skills (as recommended by Good to Great author, Jim Collins). Because WarriorsWorking is actively engaged with employers who are seeking to hire Veterans with strong potential, Veterans are less likely to be screened out or overlooked when they apply with these organizations.


Meaningful, stable employment is the root-cause solution to many challenges faced by transitioning Veterans and their families. WarriorsWorking is committed to the triple win, which gives Veterans new hope and new opportunities.

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